LIVE with Mark Sims at New Paradigm College

Hi, I’m Mark Sims!

I’m coming to you on June 5th book with a book update from the New Paradigm College in Lucerne, CA! 📖 🖊


It is a beautiful day here in Lucerne, CA and I am feeling really good about the book.



👉 Join me LIVE everyday as I discuss about my story and the upcoming book launch as well as introduce you to some amazing people!



13 Days with Tezjbar will be available on June 14th, 2020!

In November 2012, Mark had a “spiritual awakening” while attending a CE-5 Ambassador Training retreat in Borrego Springs, CA led by Dr. Steven Greer. To learn more about this experience, watch this video of Mark telling his story (2013.)

This experience changed my life dramatically and has led me on a new path of spiritual discovery and purpose. I had been an atheist my entire adult life until this event.

13 Days with Tezjbar tells my story.


The Harmonic Convergence 2020 is a 10 day global meditation for peace. Join us for this unprecedented planetary alignment. Stay tuned for more details!


Meet Mark Sims:

Mark is a serial entrepreneur, computer scientist, and engineer. In 2012, Mark came across a video of ‘The Disclosure Project’, which prompted him to register and participate in a 6-day retreat to learn a meditative practice called the “CE-5 Protocol”. The organizer claimed could be used to establish contact to extraterrestrial intelligence. This event resulted in a face-to-face contact experience that changed his life. Afterwards, Mark’s passion and focus shifted to supporting the healing of our planet, world peace and inviting people to connect with our star family so that the human family can finally learn of its true history and connection to advanced life throughout the universe.



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